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James and jen


Have you even wondered what was beyond the paved roads, what it was like in the backcountry or have you ever wanted to ride your own personal ATV?

We are a family OWNED and OPERATED business that has an intense passion for the outdoors, riding ATVís, dirt bikes, and exploring the AMAZING backcountry of Southern Utah, Nevada & Arizona. We have over 20 yearsí experience.

We love Southern Utah so much that we knew that we wanted to share the beauty of our backyard with as many people as possible. What you see on our website is exactly what you experience while you are on one of many tours. Our clients experience the wonders of our world here in Southern Utah aboard one of our ATVís with your own personal, certified & knowledgeable tour guide. You will be amazed by the spectacular scenery that we have to offer you. We have been lucky enough to have grown up here in Southern Utah and now are raising our three boys here. We take great pride in teaching them about the history and geography. We would love the opportunity to show you what is so exceptional about this part of the world.

James & Jennifer Gilchrist